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Amateur Fishing Rod Repair


Being that I'm somewhat of a fishing newb, I hadn't realized that a broken fishing rod can be repaired relatively easily. I entered some wild notion that any damage on the rod would render it unusable, like an LCD TV screen.

I was, of course, wrong.

I hadn't realized this could be done until a friend mentioned that there are shops that could repair the rod. Then the lightbulbs went off and I did my due diligence internet searches. Then the YouTube videos. And now I'm like Neo awakening from his karate lesson in The Matrix, "I know kung fu".

Turns out it's as easy as buying a repair kit. I had to get mine off Amazon because my local Big Five was fresh out.

All it took was some heat removal of the old 'wrapper' (I don't know what it's called) that was around the tip, then some sanding to smooth what was left of the tip, and application of the new tip with some cement glue.

It was as easy as that. Of course, we'll see how it holds up under real-world stress later.

Even made a video of it...